On the couch with Harpal, Maree, Ralph and Carol from Property Club

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“Thank you Harpal. Welcome everybody and I hope you you’re having a very good weekend at the conference. It’s really great to see you all here. It takes a bit of an effort, particularly if you are coming into state, but it is well worth the effort. I hope you have learned a lot. Property investing is like a huge jigsaw puzzle and every little bit of information makes the bigger picture. While you might not get some of it, you’ll suddenly find there is a tiny little bit of information that will suddenly make sense. We’re all here together to share our information.

We’re going to show you today some of our strategies for maximizing the Kevin Young retirement plan. First of all, get used to big zeroes on the end of figures. Get used to debt. When it’s just something that you’re going to be learning with, we’re now looking at a higher level of investing. It’s important to not get scared when we’re looking at figures with about three or four zeroes on the end. Just cross them off. At the end of the day, it’s all going to be the same amount. It’s just working with what you’ve going in front of you.

When you think about it, nobody got wealthy saving money. Kerry Packer and the Packer family did not get wealthy by paying cash for everything or saving money. The top companies in the BRW rich list, they all learnt to borrow money. You’re actually learning to borrow responsibly. It’s something that’s going to be what you’re learning to do to get where you are. We need to get more result for less effort. We’re working on accumulation and consolidation and they we’re going to harvest. It is a journey. Pretty much what you’ve heard everyone talk about today.

So how does it work? First of all, when you’re in accumulation you need to have that mindset and that attitude to debt. As I said before, get used to it because we’re going to be dealing with debt. Then use the TIC support systems. You’ve going your property mentor, branch manager, and other people in the network that are going to help you. They’re all working together to help you out. Use them. Everything there is available at your fingertips and it’s at no cost to you.”

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