Ivan and Helen Testimonial for Property Club

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How did you get started with property club? [00:02]

Are there any memorable moments that you’ve shared with Kevin Young? [03:04]

What would you say about the benefits and help you receive from the Property Club? [03:33]

Any final words? [04:56]  
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How did you get started with property club?


Our story began way back when we invested in tax-effective trees and commercial property syndicates, all those things that people say, your quick-get-rich schemes and we certainly didn’t get rich. It didn’t work for us. Helen, we always knew of bricks and mortar. Later 2010, we were introduced to the club. I guess we were referred to the club through a mobile banker that came  to our house, and then an insurance broker. An insurance broker knew of the Investor’s Club back in late 2010.

In early 2011, we went along to a workshop and got some information about the club. We met the branch manager, Garth Davis, in June in Perth. Got a whole lot of information, little bit unsure about all the club services and all these club services sounded great but at no cost to you, really? We needed to go through our own I guess validation that the club services weren’t being paid by us. We went through a process where we compared club properties to properties on realestate.com and we were satisfied that we weren’t paying any more than fair market value.

We shortlisted our first property in Wakerley Brisbane, just down the road sort of  here, bought an Oz-build Property. Since then, over that period of time, have acquired, by the end of this year, we’ll have 7 more club properties, so 8 club properties by the end of this year, all within the Investor’s Property Club. Our portfolio is across Australia, and different property types. We’ve had the opportunity to visit interstate and have a look at those properties through the tour guide service. We’ve had all our properties tenanted. Most of them in 14 days, others before settlements, or others shortly after. Really supportive environment. We really like the club.


That’s right, enjoy meeting people.


It’s a really positive, motivating environment where you mixing with like-minded people. We wish we’d started earlier but we’ve started a bit later than what we would have preferred. We’ve got a plan and our plan by 2020 is to semi-retire, and hitch up our caravan and travel around Australia. My property portfolio is working for us and picking up work, and having a choice as to when we want to work, where we want to work and what we want to do. It’s certainly been a great opportunity for us, a tremendous opportunity.

Are there any memorable moments that you’ve shared with Kevin Young?

Kevin Young, yeah we’ve met a few times. Certainly inspirational, very approachable, very available, certainly very motivating to hear what he’s done. I guess his mission to make other people understand what property can do in wealth creation and giving you the choices. Certainly a great guy, a fantastic guy.

What would you say about the benefits and help you receive from the Property Club?


We started as investors. I’m now a property mentor. My job is now to support people like we were supported. The club services are exceptional. It’s a one-stop shop of property support services. There’s everything you’re going to need in acquiring property and creating wealth. You couldn’t get the services that the club provides outside the club quite clearly. If you could, you’d be paying for it. The support and just the confidence to know that the club’s there in supporting our every move, is not only in acquiring property, but for the longevity of investing in property.


Yeah we would never have invested what we have if it wasn’t for the Property Club. They’ve certainly given us the confidence to go it.


We wouldn’t be at this stage of our life, and where we’re going, without the Investor’s Property Club, there’s no question about it.


Out 2 children who are 20 and 21, they’ve invested in their first property up here in Dew Point in Brisbane. They’re just about to settle on their second property. Through the Investor’s Club we’ve had the courage to give them the opportunity to invest as well at such a young age.


Just words of advice for anyone, start as early as you can, back yourself, understand your financial [inaudible 05:02], back yourself to make decisions, just do it. It’s a low risk asset. I sat  class that clearly all the numbers gives you the opportunity to create wealth and have choices.