Discover the secrets that have turned over 2200 Australians into property millionaires.


  • How you can retire wealthy in just eight years
  • How to research investment properties
  • Why the first step is the hardest and how you can get started
  • How to avoid the common mistakes that 90 percent of investment property owners make
  • Finance tips and traps
  • Insurance tips and traps
  • Getting your figures right BEFORE you buy
  • How much you need to retire and why your superannuation alone will not be enough for you to live comfortably
  • Why property is a better long-term strategy than shares to build wealth
  • Advice for younger investors


The first thing you must aim for is to stop paying taxes and instead collect the fruits of all your hard labour by creating your own wealth base. For example, last year my income tax was 0.5 per cent. Your tax would probably have been around 35 percent.

At my many free seminars each year I ask: “Am I a good or bad Australian?”

Occasionally I am told I am a bad Australian because everyone has to pay taxes.

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